Tayos cave. Rainbow Caves Expedition — Tayos

Tayos cave. Metallic Library - Tayos Cave

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Cueva de los Tayos and the Lost Metal Library: Part 1

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The mytical Caves of the Tayor are found in the Ecuadorian jungle, in Jibaro territory we wish to state that the Jibaro name is derogatory to them and for their respect they are liked to be called shuaras as themselve are known. The Shuar people live in the southwest of Ecuador in the foothills of the Andes were merges with the Amazon Basin. The main entrance to the caves is a kind of fireplace carved in the rock over 60 meter free fall. Inside, controversial explorers like Juan Moricz, Erick von Daniken, or priests as Carlos Crespi had found, in his stories, pictures of stone and gold with engraved ideographs. With its story writer and Swiss researcher immortalized forever without knowing the famous "Cuevas of the Tayos" and the seemingly complex system of tunnels and unexplored that leave from her womb. In their interior, controversial explorers like Juan Moricz supposed discoverer of the caves in , and priests like Carlos Crespi, have found plates of stone and gold, engraved with symbols that describe, according to them, the origin and the history of man. Only he merely ensure that "in the province of Morona-Santiago, in Gualaquiza, San Antonio, Yaupi region triangle inhabited by hostile Indians, is the entrance, wide as the gate of a barn, made in the rock".