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Tau armour. Recon Armour

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Tau armour artwork - Google Search | aliens | Tau warhammer, Tau army, Tau empire

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A Fire Warrior is a member of the Tau Fire Caste and thus serves as the primary soldier and the core combatant of the Tau Empire 's multispecies armed forces. Fire Warriors are efficient, professional soldiers. They are well-equipped,and their absolute belief in the Greater Good and their fanatical trust in the Ethereal Caste makes them deeply determined soldiers, grim in defence and aggressive on the attack. What would become the Fire Caste before the unification of the Tau race were once ground-dwelling hunter gatherers. They did not have the membranous wings of what would become the Air Caste , who were employed during the pre- Tau Empire period as messengers very much like their contemporary forebears.