Man finds bomb shelter in his backyard. Arizona man finds Cold War fallout shelter underneath his backyard | Daily Mail Online

Man finds bomb shelter in his backyard. PICS: After Finding Odd Hatch In Yard, Man Decides To See What’s Inside

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Homeowner Discovers Cold War Fallout Shelter Hidden Underneath His Backyard

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Both countries possessed numerous nuclear weapons, and bombers constantly patrolled the skies waiting for the order to let their payload drop. This constant threat caused many people to try to plan for a nuclear disaster by creating fallout shelters on their property. When the Soviet Union collapsed, many of these shelters became forgotten relics of a time of fear. So when this homeowner was looking at the original plans for his house, he noticed something peculiar in the back yard. What he discovered blew his mind! Finding something like this would be pretty crazy. Living in constant fear is something I never want to have to do.