Latina girlfriend nicknames. Awesome Spanish Nicknames For Guys and Ladies

Latina girlfriend nicknames. 50 Cutest Names to Call Your Girlfriend You Must Know

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Top ten romantic nicknames to woo your Spanish sweetheart - The Local

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We all love calling our friends, family, and lovers by names other than their real names. Although it may sound awkward, funny, or even weird, it is often likable when it is done by people who are close. While there are all sorts of nicknames that one can use in English, finding a foreign language nickname can be quite tasking. For example, if you have a Latino girlfriend, finding nicknames in Spanish could be difficult since you do not speak the language. Please do not use google translate; it is not as accurate as you think. Below is a list of Spanish nicknames that you could use for your male friends, family, or lover to spice up your relationship. Although some of the names can also be used for female relatives or friends, these nicknames are cute Spanish names to call a guy.