Bush mechanics australia. Bush Mechanics: The Exhibition | Motor Museum

Bush mechanics australia. Bush mechanic

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Bush Mechanics - Wikipedia

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Those who actually would be able to provide assistance in this scenario are known as bush mechanics — Indigenous Australians who draw on ingenious tricks and knowledge of the Australian landscape to fix cars in predicaments. These renowned bush mechanics were featured on an iconic, eponymous ABC TV series in the early s. The program was filmed in Warlpiri language , and depicted repairs like using an axe, a tree and a wire to repair a broken crossmember, replacing a broken fuel pump with a window wiper washer pump, and turning a car into a trailer, simply by chopping off a roof. After 16 years, the much-loved show is finding new life in the form of an art exhibition. The team at the National Motor Museum in South Australia have curated Bush Mechanics: The Exhibition, a travelling exhibition explores the importance of the car to life in the outback and the resourcefulness employed by the bush mechanics featured in the TV show.