Brickvault x wing. T X-Wing | It was bound to happen. It was always a matter… | Flickr

Brickvault x wing. WOW0821240209BLCLJLLLML

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T X-Wing | It was bound to happen. It was always a matter… | Flickr

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Rejoice, fellow Lego nerds, because Mike Psiaki just sent me the instructions and a part list for the best Lego X-Wing model ever created. Yes, my friends, now you can build your own. A while back you wrote a piece about my Lego x-wing model. I figured it might be of interest that I just completed "instructions" I was too lazy to do any CAD, simply took extensive breakdown photographs and a parts list. The parts list is a little different from what I show in the instructions when I use a 1x2 tile and a 1x1 tile next to each other I wanted to use a 1x3 tile, so I list that in the inventory.