Best moments of london 2012 olympics. Greatest Moments of the London Olympic Games | Playfinder Blog

Best moments of london 2012 olympics. London 2012 Olympics: the best moments of a golden Games

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London Olympics: the best moments of a golden Games | Sport | The Guardian

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We watch the Olympics in anticipation of the next great moment. We watch because we are eager to witness history, and the Olympics is teeming with history-making opportunities. It was great to watch Aly Raisman on the uneven bars, but the real greatness came when NBC showed her parents' reaction during the routine. They were jerking back and forth the whole time, looking like they just overdosed on ex-lax but couldn't move to get to the bathroom. Say what you will about whether or not they were overbearing or overinvolved. The fact is they love their daughter, and it is an anxiety-laden sport. Even with the injuries it suffered leading up to the event, the United States was still the clear favorite to win the men's 4xmeter relay.