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Snu phone number.

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Send Library Call Numbers Directly To Your Mobile Phone! | News | SNU Media | News & Forum | SNU

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Ever found yourself groping for pen and paper to copy down long strings of decimal numbers while looking something up in the library? The University Library, already a leader in providing students with mobile services regarding loans and returns, has put an end to such inconvenience. MMS Multimedia Messaging System , the system implemented by this service, allows for transmission of various forms of data including video and audio, and can hold up to 2, bytes of text. A student at SNU proposed the mobile service as an idea to make it easier to locate books by call number in the library, and it was a successful one. Click on the icon, enter your mobile phone number without hyphens and the call number information will be sent to you in a matter of seconds. Move to content body Move to content menus. April 5, Hit Ever found yourself groping for pen and paper to copy down long strings of decimal numbers while looking something up in the library?