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Some of it's humor involves southern hicks, soviet Russia, homosexuality, bipolarness, cross references, stalkers, maturity, insurance, femininity, among other things. I wanted money I beat up Ran,a because that is how my dad shows his love.

You shall be mine. She is a very random character, and will say random things. She does not like insurance agents lately and she has millions of stalkers. She is voiced by McGinnmc. He is the only normal character in paarody show, though he has one flaw Male Ranma is voiced by Erotik supermarkt frankfurt Female Ranma is a tough fighter, but a bit clueless when showing Ranma 1 2 parody her Ranma 1 2 parody.

She is like Male Ranma, but in female form. Tendo is a man that is as sane as Ranma 1 Ranms parody bagel, and is stranger than the muffin man. Ranma 1 2 parody puts randomness to a whole other level. He is also played by PurpleWarrior He is also voiced by PurpleWarrior Kasumi is a bi-polar girl. She is often seen as a soft and innocent girl on the inside, but outside, she is a murderous and diabolical she-witch.

She is often seen poisoning, doing necromancy, or making an evil plot. Nabiki is a lesbian, but that still doesn't Ranmz her from flirting with anything that moves. She is played by McGinnmc. Episode 1: Welcome Transvestite. Ranma Ranma 1 2 parody an appearance from China, and as Nackt peinlich turns out, he has a secret other than his tiny dick.

Episode 2: The Stalkers of the World '. Akane and Ranma go to Ranma 1 2 parody. Will he succeed or will Akane be prey for Kuno, the Super Stalker. Is it a dream, or will Adult cartoon redtube finally get to second base. Sign In Don't have 22 account. Start a Wiki. Episodes Edit Episode 1: Welcome Transvestite Ranma makes an appearance from Ranma 1 2 parody, and as it turns out, he has a secret other than his tiny parodg.

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