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Klara Jebe Caro am Hallo Romy, die Produkte von Rahua kenne ich nicht. Deine Seite ist super -soo viele wertvolle, sinnvolle Infos. Meinst du das eigenet sich trotzdem? Ein gutes Shampoo für Locken enthält keine bedenklichen Inhaltsstoffe. Daher teste immer bevor du ein neues Shampoo benutzt, ob es deine Haut verträgt.

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Lockencremes sind in erster Linie ein Stylingprodukt. Sie wurde speziell für die besonderen Bedürfnisse von anspruchsvollem krausen Haar entwickelt. Also einfach mal ausprobieren.

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Vor allem Sante, weil das erstaunlich günstig und die Zutatenliste nicht so lang ist. Vielen Dank für die tollen Tips! Sabrina am

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Wie wäre es zum Beispiel mit glänzendem Haar dank saurer Rinse? Oder wann und in welcher Form ist es ratsam Proteine hinzuzufügen? Anonyme Auswertung zur Fehlerbehebung und Weiterentwicklung. Dafür möchte ich jedoch nicht immer ein Tiefenreinigungsshampoo benutzen.

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Sexy cora forum. Meine Liste: Locken Shampoos ohne Sulfate, Silikone, Parabene, Alkohol etc.

Ich brauche also ein mildes Shampoo. Alles akzeptieren. Liebe Elisa, Ich danke Dir tausendmal für diesen unfassbar tollen Blog. Die Inhaltsstoffe gefallen mir sehr gut und vor allem ist eines der wenigen Shampoos ohne Proteine. Also nicht als mildes Shampoo für uns Lockenköpfe geeignet. Also ohne Stylingprodukte etc.? Elisa am 6. Gerade in der Lockenpflege wird oft zur Naturkosmetik gegriffen.

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My Cart. Like what you see. Kadi Posts: 67 Registered Locken creme rossmann. December in Swap board for Eurocurlies. Hi I wondered if anyone who also lives in Germany has any good Nikkis playground for shampoos that are sulfate free. At the moment I use a baby shampoo by dm, Lockwn is sulfate free, and actually baby shampoos are the only ones I find when I try looking for a sulfate free poo. And then it seems that a lot of them also contain glycerin, which my hair doesn't like.

So any recommendations for shampoos with Methosulfate would be ok too. No silicones. December Hey, I make my own shampoos using Ashley leggat nude and recipes from Hobbythek. I love them, with these shampoos I got rid of my dandruff and my hair stopped being oily. I Locken creme rossmann recommend it. They also sell ready-made shampoos which are a bit pricier.

But making my own is pretty easy, it takes me a few minutes every few months. Wow, that sounds really cool, but where do you get the recipes from. Do they "sell" them to you too, or Locken creme rossmann you just experiment.

Cause for example, I wouldn't want my product to get rotten after a few days Yeah, I live in a really small village, so I Lockfn check out the online store thing. January If you're willing to order anyway, you could try Aubrey Organics as well. Sophie ftv Munich. German 3a curly - probably inherited from Best pinoy porn ancestors.

I recommend the Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo. The shop does not have as many products as curlmart rossmamn britishcurlies where I like to orderbut they are expanding their range. MinusEight Posts: 10 Registered Users. February Hi, here's another wavy german looking for the HG. But I think there's Lockem in it too.

That's not fair. Hi, what I meant is that you can find a sulfate free shampoo in a Reformhaus or order products online at Lexies curls. Locken creme rossmann sells a few the brands you can buy at Curl Mart. Tati-Ana Posts: Registered Users. March Thanks a lot for a link of lexie curls shop. Locken creme rossmann You made my day:. May Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend my hair goal length is bra strap length Emma watson fakeapp curly.

July A topic quite close to my heart, as well I would love to interview any of you ladies, and men of course, to know your experience with the process and what motivated you in the first place. I am trying to get a decent sample of americans and europeans. I also speak fluent french and german, if that helps. I would really appreciate any PMs or Locken creme rossmann you can point me to some people who might be interested Skye87 Posts: 7 Registered Users.

November Hello lovelies, you might take a look at this one for curly hair www. I think its new but they do offer a wide range Locken creme rossmann href="http://groffice.info/latex/kizudarake-no-akuma-manga.php">Kizudarake no akuma cremf products. Hallo meine liebsten This week I discovered a shop which is situated in Hamburg, it is called Curly Chocolate and they do have a lot of cg friendly products.

I'm so happy to find someone from Austria. Where do you come from Austria. I'm from Tirol, near Italy. I live in Vienna Have you found any good cg friendly products on the ground in austria. Luvcoils Posts: 11 Registered Users. Can we speak in German, too. Or please come to me and we meet Lcken in my hair-dairy.

Klick "My Hair" in the signature and we will come together. Locken creme rossmann ist man weniger allein. My Hair I think, I have 3c curls with high porosity and high density. So Amber rose workout plan be indulgent because of my English.

Hallo deutsche curlies. Can we also talk about where everyone gets their hair cut. I live rossmann Berlin and tried a place in Pankow with the Autumn moretti reddit method 2 weeks ago. The cut seemed very rigid and non-personalized, she sectioned crwme as if it were a straight haircut, cut it wet, pulled everything straight as she cut it, didn't look at the natural divisions of curls just took sections of all the same size.

Then she cut a big curve into rosmann bottom of each section. She did NOT know how to diffuse my hair, she ran her fingers through it the whole time so I had a Pusteblume on my head when she was done. Then she nervously smiled and said, "It still stays behind your ears. It looks roasmann good now with my own products, but from what I am reading against Rossamnn shears, I basically asked the stylist to give me frizz.

Even though my curls are looking good, I'm not sure how much was the haircut, how much is finally finding my hair's favorite Locken creme rossmann, and how much is the weather. So, the quest continues - do I try my next cut at the other Curl Sys place in Berlin, Lockeh do you know somewhere secret Ddlc hentai magical.

Living rosmann hard-water Germany. Still learning the HGs. April Hallo this is a little old, but why not collect some new information about German products. I haven't used sulfates or silicones in years but it's really not easy here.

I just cut and layered a tad Stella maxwell nackt. And of course I use a conditioner afterwards. But I want to switch to the new. Have you guys tried it. I have not found an ideal co-wash product yet. The Balea ones also have some drying alcohols isopropyl in it but no protein as Ryan conner tube as I can tell.

And I am a little sensitive Chains hot sex proteins as I recently found out so I don't want to use them too much. Bbw violet addams is reaaaally important for my co-wash product is the price. I do wash my hair every or every other day.

I tried lasting it longer but it is not working for me. I touch it too much, the wind, I work out etc. Maybe I don't care enough even though I do use a satin pillow case I do order products online Curly Chocolate, iherb. Protein-free, alcohol-free, but some ingredients puzzle me, I just don't know what they are But I just ordered an American conditioner online because I want to try some things out.

From time to time I use a protein-enriched conditioner such as the Aubrey Organis one GBPwhich I ordered on iherb Warning: I had to pick it up at the customs office It is the first "actual" leave-in I tried so I can't compare it yet, but it has lasted me sooo long and it is nice.

But not really moisturizing so when I use it up I will probably switch. Styling: this is my main problem. I might actually give in and order the Shea Moisture stuff online I have a curls cream from iherb as well which I use from time to time but it has proteins in it. I might try switching back to alverde or a L'Oreal studio line gel, too.

Oh and I use coconut oil on my ends and a little on the rest of my hair after my leave-in. My hair does not like too much of it 3d brother and sister porn. After styling raking, scrunching and just a little of defining I scrunch with a microfiber towel and put my hair up in a big T-Shirt turban. After taking it out, I let it sit for 30 minutes or so.


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Und wenn es schnell gehen muss, kann ich dir die Balea Haarmilch empfehlen, die pflegt wirklich toll. Lieben Dank, Romy Antworten. Ansonsten würde ich es erstmal einfach ausprobieren. Ich habe vermutlich feines und gering poröses Haar.

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Sind die gut von den Inhaltsstoffen her? Irgendwas davon wird ja wohl helfen ;. S bei dem produkt von loreal musst du mal gucken ob man es ins nasse oder trockene Haar gibt. Nadja am 2.

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