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From summoning an endless barrage of magical and real weapons to overwhelm his opponents, it can also heal itself from any injury. Retrieved June 21, Mimosa returns the favour later on when she uses her recovery magic on Noelle when she is critically injured by Mars. Once the demon is defeated and the elf souls allowed to rest in peace, Lumiere joins them in the afterlife as the magic that kept him alive is wearing off while content that his ideals live on in the new generation. During her time with the Crimson Lion's she was Fuegoleon Vermillion's magic instructor but eventually retired, tired of seeing children killed in battle, and became a nun to care for orphaned children. Risacca Ondell. Lumiere later has Secre petrify him, so he can be revived by her should the demon resurface. McCollum, Robert English. Sierich, Bastian German.

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November 15, Narrator Supporting. You hereby warrant that you are 16 years of age or older or are visiting the Website under parental supervision.

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July 19, Retrieved August 6, Noelle would later call Sekke, accidentally, when she needed backup after some of the children had been taken away during the night, with Sekke maintaining his overly flirtatious attitude, much to her annoyance. Endemann, Jannik German.

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Douglas, Jason English. During the battle against the Magic Knights when they to rescue the children, Neige is saved from Baro's mud monster form by Asta so he can take responsibility for his crimes. Vermillion, Leopold Supporting. Retrieved August 14,

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His younger brother Langris is part of Golden Dawn, and like him uses Spacial magic, but unlike Finral, his Spacial magic is offensive in nature. Catherine is later placed in custody alongside George, the enchantment placed on their minds to prevent them from divulging information broken by Asta as they are forced to reveal Gueldre's role in their attack on the Capital. He praised the author's ability to invigorate stock characters. But Charlotte is too shy to express her feelings to Yami and instead sets up a veil of mockery and self-superiority. These feelings first manifested after she sees Asta fighting for the first time on their first mission together at Sosshi village where he defeats Heath Grice. The grimoire allows him to use Anti-Magic effectively despite his lack of mana, later honing his senses to predict an opponent's attack by sensing their qi. September 21,

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Studios: Studio Pierrot. Score: 7. Please Black clover characters that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Black Clover. Add character. Add staff. Add Detailed Info.

Asta Main. Kajiwara, Gakuto Japanese. Fujita, Nao Japanese. Reid, Dallas English. Gesteira, Yan Brazilian. Artajo, Maximilian German. Frenz, Jonas German. Silva, Noelle Main. Yuuki, Kana Japanese. Harris, Jill English. Bittencourt, Ana Elena Brazilian. Blank, Cloger German. Yuno Main. Black clover characters, Nobunaga Japanese. Sekine, Aki Japanese. Solusod, Micah English. Endemann, Jannik German.

Zieschang, Philipp German. Adlai, Gauche Supporting. Hino, Satoshi Japanese. Trosko, Dave English. Sierich, Bastian German.

Sierpe, Fernando Brazilian. Adlai, Marie Supporting. Sasaki, Hitomi Japanese. Blac, Apphia English. Leah remini naked, Gordon Supporting. Matsuda, Kenichirou Japanese. McFarland, Mike English. Angel, Paulie Supporting. Kowaka, Wakana Japanese. Cavanagh, Jessica English. Aruru Supporting. Ragsdale, Black clover characters English. Barbary, Helene Supporting. Koga, Aoi Japanese. Lauda, Brittany English.

Baro Supporting. Muro, Genki Japanese. Rager, Chris English. Becquerel, Letoile Supporting. Ayase, Yuu Japanese. Benfunk, Ben Supporting. Miyamoto, Jun Japanese. Phillips, Ben English. Boismortier, Rill Supporting.

Hanae, Natsuki Japanese. Snow, Derick English. Broccos Supporting. Hurd, Chatacters English. Bronzazza, Sekke Supporting. Osaka, Ryota Japanese. Storms, Garret English. Forsberg, Nick German. Maia, Philippe Brazilian. Caseus, Hamon Supporting. Toriumi, Kousuke Japanese. Phillips, Kyle English. Catherine Supporting. Jitsukawa, Kimiko Japanese. Glass, Caitlin English. Poison pokemon, Ruben Supporting.

Tsuyuzaki, Wataru Japanese. Cruz, Jordan Dash English. Code, Dominante Xlover. Tomioka, Misako Japanese. Barr, Katelyn English. Cornell, Rick Supporting. chadacters Akasaka, Masayuki Japanese. Johnson, Jeff English.

Enoteca, Vanessa Sexy succubus. Mizuki, Nana Japanese. Mackay, Lydia English. Arnoldt, Jasmin German. Lira, Izabel Brazilian. Fana Supporting. Ichimichi, Mao Japanese. Tirado, Jeannie English. Francois, Marx Supporting. Yamaya, Yoshitaka Japanese. Dismuke, Aaron English. Georg Supporting. Gibbs, Adam English. Gifso Supporting. charwcters Cho Japanese.


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Ballard, Tia English. During his duel with Yuno he is impaled by Yuno's wind trident which throws him into a building. Sahara, Makoto Japanese. While normally stationed at Clover Kingdom's border, he returns to the capital to take part in the Royal Knight selection exam before being brutally beatened by Zora Ideale for his treatment of a commoner woman.

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Silva, Solid Supporting. Protobe Collina. Noelle respects Yuno as Asta's rival and has been impressed by his skill and power throughout the story.

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