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Orochimaru decides to kill Naruto and attacks with his Sword of Kusanagi. Kabuto approaches Tsunade and tries to restrain her, which she is unable to fend off in her condition. The shirt is way too low. I tried to draw her "relaxed", just like a day after work, and wanted her to express some melancholy. She confronts the Six Paths of Pain and vows to personally defeat them. Here it goes one of Tsunade, other of my fav charas. After being informed that Kakashi is aboard the Tobishachimaru, Tsunade summons Konoha's available personnel, with the exception of Naruto. Tsunade, despite being bisected in the battle, is able to summon Katsuyu.

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They were high in the mountains, after a rather quick series of negotiations; A had escorted her to a rather secluded area where underground springs burst through the surface to pour over a ring of stones to fill into a small crater making the pond. After activating the technique, she joins the other Kage in attacking him. Once the conspiracy is exposed, Tsunade leads Konoha's forces in rescuing Naruto from his wrongful imprisonment.

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Though he concluded that to be happy wasn't his fate. Orochimaru and Kabuto state that they'll force her to heal his arms, causing her to attack them. Medical-nin Sannin. May peace, love and prosperity follow you always!

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Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2. For this reason, when the Kazekage brings Naruto to her in need of emergency life support, Tsunade sends Sakura to help him. Even without the Creation Rebirth, Tsunade's ability to endure injury is quite impressive, as she can survive several mortal stabs to the chest [33] and remain able to perform jutsu after being bisected.

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Later, Shizune senses that Tsunade is worried about Jiraiya and tries to reassure her that he'll be fine. Tsunade Naruto incorrect tweets. Anwar , Apr 12, Tsunade gives Hashirama's necklace to Dan. Yamato runs around prior to the ceremony making final preparations, which Tsunade occasionally offers advice on. Tsunade summons Naruto to her office so that Fukasaku can also tell him the news, who they expect will have greater difficulty. When the dust clears, Tsunade finds the village gone.

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A Tsunade fanart ago someone Tsunade fanart me if i thought konoha had hormone Tsunade fanart and transition surgery and my response 2 that Tsunade fanart uh YES they DO. Log in Sign up. Naruto Tsunade narutoedit narutogif narutographic.

Narutographic fyeahnaruto narutoedit dailynaruto Tsunade. Narutographic fyeahnaruto narutoedit dailynaruto Tsunade Orochimaru Jiraiya Sannin.

Sakura Sakura Haruno Tsunade Tsunade Senju Naruto Anime manga gif naruto gif sakura gif tsunade gif anime gif narutoedit naruto edit mygifs. Tsunade Naruto incorrect tweets. Ask shittilydrawing a question tsunade naruto-philosopher. Tsunade: A Tsunade fanart recently left the village…. Naruto Masashi Kishimoto Tsunade manga cap.

Senju to uchiha. How much do u wanna find out. Ask sweet-bolillito a question naruto Naruto Shippuden tsunade senju i Czech xxx tube animated u. Boruto about Tsunade.

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Somehow I noticed her eyebrows in particular. Beneath them she wore a flower patterned sling one-piece that barely contained her already large tits. The Alliance's other leaders have already decided to send them into seclusion, which Tsunade strongly disagrees with, believing they would be invaluable on the battlefield. One of her favourite vices is gambling, which she acquired from her grandfather, Hashirama Senju.

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Sakura changes the subject to asking how to gain men's attention. Tsunade uses her body to block the attack, her way of protecting Naruto, Konoha's future Hokage. Kabuto approaches Tsunade and tries to restrain her, which she is unable to fend off in her condition.

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