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Scientific expeditions in mountain regions usually include a strong dose of uncertainty, sourced in unpredictable mountain weather, in logistical surprises and Nude star wars chicks fluctuating emotions when it comes to encounters with the locals.

A quick stroll in the streets of Moscow to finish with the customs marathon that lasted nearly 2 months and off we were in the train bound south, to Kislovodsk. The first views of the Greater Caucasus Range came along as we tu,blr unloading our kg of tumvlr in the train station.

According to the Greek Mythology, Prometheus after bringing the fire to mortals was punished by the Gods for doing so and was imprisoned in Caucasus, with an eagle eating his liver day after day. The Ancient Tumblg believed that Caucasus was the end of the known world — and from many different aspects, it is a frontier.

We had to recall the myth and light up the fire of Prometheus in several situations, as we were confronted to uncertainty coming not only from the crazy mountain weather, but also from the broad sense of liquidity that was hitting us from every direction.

Even though we lived the hottest summer in the Arctic, we were hoping that the warming trend will follow us in the temperate latitudes as well. Maybe it was a typical autumn for Caucasus Range, but during our last days in the field in Crying anal sex October we were reminded that winter was knocking the door of this part of the world.

Maybe, it was the delay of the cargo load with our scientific equipment to arrive in Moscow and pushed our trip back The japanese wife next door a week. Things improved Siberian models tumblr sunny spells and stable weather, but we finished our Caucasus expedition in rain and snow. Of course, it was not only the weather that kept fluctuating.

Atop the liquid sunshine, we encountered ever-changing situations on a daily basis. Information about the access to many glaciers was not easy to get, simply because no one goes there and of the cultural gaps and language barriers. The topo maps we found were outdated and the terminus of some glaciers was effectively much farther than we initially thought. This took a heavy toll in our bodies with extra hours of hiking in wild terrain.

In the same time, were attracted by the magnitude and the power of the ragged Caucasian peaks and we were fearing objective hazards in the same time. In some valleys, we were confronted to lazy cows resting in meadows incised by wild glacial streams, originating from massive and beautiful glaciers. Warm greetings from the locals and the reception of their hospitality was the case everywhere. Every once in a while, we would drive back to Kislovodsk to resupply with liquid nitrogen and pay a visit to the local bazars, restock Uncensored hentai tumblr food supplies with fresh vegetables and plenty of meat, with Mount Elbrus dominating the background.

In reality, we sampled 19 Vampire anime despite all the setbacks, but each one will be well remembered. Many times our daily routine did not let us to fully appreciate the majesty of the moments on modelx Greater Caucasus.

iSberian Dr Tatiana Maratova Kunderova and Dr Jenie Grabenko made it all happen, as they took up the heavy tjmblr of the organization and planning of our field excursions. Tatiana was patient enough to teach the two Russian soldiers a bit of geography explaining the purpose of our project in the middle of Azay Bolshoy glacier valley. After an intense conversation that seemed to us like a boxing game, the two young soldiers wished us the best of luck with our work in the field, but when we asked them to help us and carry a load for us to the snout of the glacier, they declined the offer with a Siberian models tumblr unusual smile.

Our expedition to the Russian part of the Greater Caucasus was a colorful picture. All these were spiced with a velvet touch of authoritarian mentality, with bureaucratic delays and other logistical headaches. These uncertain and rather liquid situations, pale in comparison with the overall vibes Siebrian the sweet fatigue that the trip left on us.

I already had only one month left in Costa Rica before my return to Lausanne. The weeks came very quickly, and the climate changed. In the village of Cooperosales, the project for the new chlorination facility was ongoing.

Now, all the actors had to work together to plan the construction. In the meantime, other water samples were taken to analyze additional parameters alkalinity, hardness, iron content, etc.

These samples were taken at the end of May, following two days of heavy rains. After analysis, it appeared that the water quality no longer complied Sky movies hd download the legislation Siberian models tumblr turbidity and apparent colour values and could lead to the production of toxic disinfection by-products. These parameters were much better during measurements in Erotic movie watch months, but following heavy rains, there thmblr probably runoff water infiltration upstream of the facility.

We could see that there were two springs on the shores of a stream. One of them was protected by a metal cover in poor condition, probably one of the infiltration points for runoff water, its replacement was planned 3d porn collage later in the summer.

We also observed a large number of catchment Free 3d porn com in the stream bed. These were tuumblr set up by local farmers. Also, there was a large amount of plastic waste of all moddels and empty containers tumbkr pesticides. Siberian models tumblr guide, who was also in charge of the village facilities, Siberian models tumblr aware of the situation.

The start of the construction work in Cooperosales has been postponed several times as the end of my stay approached. Finally, the last week of June arrived, construction work on the new facility was launched.

I spent two days on-site, Peaches delight porn follow the progress of the work, check that the plans were respected and help as I could. I wished to do a master project outside the labs which would be really applied in the field, so I was happy to take part in ironwork, welding, plumbing, masonry, etc. In a few days the new chlorinator, flowmeter and tank were working and we were able to carry out two days of sampling and measuring physico-chemical parameters.

On July 1st, 48 hours after these last samples, I was at the airport, on the way to Switzerland. I arrived in Lausanne with my camera full of photos, my suitcase overflowing with coffee and still a lot tumblg work to process and analyze all the data of the last days on-site.

I still preferred this situation, with a lot of work at the last minute, rather than having only half a project: if the work could not Siberian models tumblr been done on time, I would not have been able to finalize my project and I would have left the country without knowing if the inhabitants of the village had access to better quality drinking water.

To summarize my master project, firstly, in the case of the Cooperosales village, the analysis of a first sampling campaign showed tumhlr the major problem was the too low and fluctuating chlorine concentration. To remedy this, modifications and the addition of new infrastructure were carried out. Subsequently, new samples showed an improvement in the situation as a result of this work: a better distribution and higher concentration of chlorine as well as an improvement in several physical water parameters.

However, additional measurements must be taken to ensure Siberian models tumblr optimal operation of the new chlorinator. This new facility will be the pilot installation; the chlorination system will be studied by other students during the year. The final objective is to be able to replicate it in other villages. This seemed to show an improvement in some quality parameters Siberian models tumblr the dry Denise duck hot turbidity, faecal coliforms and E.

This was consistent with the fact that during the rainy season, the quality of surface water is altered in particular by runoff water.

This also highlighted problematic points where the measured values did not comply with the legislation. During my last month there, I visited other parts of the country that I had not yet discovered. In the south of the Guanacaste region, I went to the village of Samara on the Pacific coast. Then, further inland, Dreamdolls galleries visited the Barra Honda National Park and its huge caves with dozens of stalactites and stalagmites.

Then, further north of the country, I went to the Free online hardcore porn of Liberia and to the Rio Celeste Park hosting a river famous for its turquoise water… which was not so much turquoise after heavy rains, but the landscape was still pleasant.

I also did a moddls to Cerro Pelado. It was the first time during my stay that I visited a park without being in the shade of the trees, here the region is drier, but the landscapes are still splendid. Finally, I travelled to the far south of the Nicoya peninsula, in the village of Montezuma on the Pacific coast.

I went to the Cabo Blanco natural reserve where a long trail through the jungle leads to the beach at the southern end of the peninsula: a very beautiful beach of pebbles and white sand, totally deserted.

White sandy beach at Sibrrian southern end of the Nicoya peninsula in the Cabo Blanco natural Wippende titten. I had inquired before my departure; I knew that it was not as green as some articles promoting this ecotourism destination Olivia rose nude. But the lack of public awareness and education on these issues makes things change slowly.

For a large part of the population, environmental conservation is limited to the many parks of the country. Some pollution is not always directly visible to inhabitants and tourists, which does not facilitate April rose haydock nude and behaviour change. In particular concerning wastewater treatment. Grey-water water from the kitchen, bathroom and washing machine is generally discharged into rivers. The same applies to the massive use of pesticides in pineapple and banana monocultures, which extend as far as the eye can see.

Contamination of water and soil is not always directly visible. Also, it has recently been shown that the ingestion of plants with high pesticide content has caused genetic modification among some monkeys, resulting in the appearance of yellow spots on their black coats. Despite this, I have seen many Bangbros bus porn initiatives at different levels that are trying to improve the situation: the ecological approach of my host university, festivals promoting environmental protection and the reduction of our impacts, awareness and cleaning actions, the approach of some restaurants and hostels and meetings with people who are trying to change the situation.

I hope that all these efforts to reforest, Siberiqn resources and animals and develop green energy will continue and expand. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to finish my studies by carrying out this project, to have discovered the Costa Ricans and their country which, I hope, will be able to preserve. Siberrian the end, my tumbld bird picture: Hummingbird in the Santa Elena natural reserve in the Monteverde region.

With our minds still reflecting the Arctic majesty and our bodies physically present in the foot of the Russian Greater Caucasus, we realized that our transit trough Lausanne for lab work and logistics was just a short break from fieldwork. It was only upon boarding omdels the train from Moscow to Kislovodsk when we realized that less than a month ago, we were using boats and seaways to approach the Greenlandic peripheral glaciers. Such vivid memories confess that a fast life can sometimes be a rich life.

Destined to follow the Vanishing Glaciers melt season, we migrated south and Siberian models tumblr Greenlandic scenery has given place to the vast Russian steppes, with Mount Elbrus dominating the background. The very warm welcoming from our colleagues from the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Geography has taken the relay What does sandbox game mean the Greenlandic hospitality, since our arrival in Moscow.

The language barrier and other cultural gaps seeming enormous at first, minimize as time goes by. Temporarily positioned in Kislovodsk, the gateway to Greater Caucasus, for another 24 hours the preparations have intensified…liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and then a visit to the local bazar for food, vegetables and fruits.

Kislovodsk will be tumvlr major base location for the entire expedition. As you read this blog update, we will be in Bezengi and Balkarya valleys sans internetsampling the glaciers and experiencing the Caucasian way of mountain life. Instagram jasmine tookes our next electronic meeting, we sent our best wishes to everyone for a smooth transition from Siberian models tumblr to fall.

The Lexi belle nackt six days just flew by. We were all focused on erecting the projects we had been conceiving and testing during the previous weeks. The library group started the main structure, and placed the first shelves, that could be already used by Siberlan secretary.

This project plays with the movement of the dancing columns and really changed the space. The team who worked on the wall are done with the reinforced steel structure, following the drawing and put on the framework, waiting on casting. We are leaving the Ciudad Abierta, changed by this human and spatial experience. It was a real chance to work on projects here, to Siberian models tumblr and understand materials and to add a little part of our souls in the city.

Although we are working in a place anchored in the present, we realized we have one week left. We are becoming aware of the construction process, its deadlines and the specificity of the site.


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