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I just don't see what Silva can do. Hunter Association. While Ging is exceptionally sharp-witted, he is also very short-tempered and has shown to easily get into an argument or a brawl with someone. Regular, non-human sized chimera ants were B class threats. Finalbeta , Mar 12, Ging being in the top 5 doesn't put him above Netero for reasons that Extravlad pointed out. Pariston says he was just going in with the flow and wonders if they have to get rid of their assailants since they do not seem to have any intention to give up. We even saw killua barely holding his ken when gon was basically already down.

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Se puede afirmar que las habilidades mentales preeminentes de Ging son su inteligencia deductiva, la rapidez mental y su versatilidad. Gin was one of Netero's sparring partners, if he had been stronger than Netero then Isaac would've known it for sure and there would be no reason to react the way he did to Meruem and the Royal Guard. While Ging is talking to Gon on the phone, the members of the party split into two groups: those who are willing to take his money, and those who refuse, with Pariston siding with the first faction. He is considered one of the five strongest nen users in the world.

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If Ging has low physical stats then it must follow that his special ability has to be truly crazy because otherwise he wouldn't even be able to defeat Razor. You must log in or register to reply here. After becoming a licensed Hunter, Ging devoted himself to the excavation and preservation of archaeological ruins. So if your destination is the same as mine, enjoy the side trips.

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The king would be a different matter even before the rose. Among the languages, he knows is Ancient Kappe and Nankul. Based on what's already happen that doesn't really make sense, but it's not impossible of course.

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These bullets had enough power to knock out two unsuspecting enemies. A wormhole-like circle is generated from which a fist emerges, stretching far beyond the length of a normal arm to strike the target. Like Pitou says, no one else can even make that kind of trade even if they had the same resolve because they wouldn't have the talent to pull it off. After becoming a licensed Hunter, Ging devoted himself to the excavation and preservation of archaeological ruins. They all were given codenames based on the signs of the Chinese Zodiac, with Ging being the Boar [7]. Other than that, your tier list is the best one I've seen in this topic even though I disagree with a few other placements like Bomber, the Butlers, Kastro, some of the Ryodan members, and obviously Nanika since she has the physical strength of a regular little girl. He might even become a top 5 30 years later, but we shouldn't expect him to hit a level where he can instantly kill any human level character in one hit like he displayed in the Ant arc. Finding Ging is Gon's motivation for becoming a Hunter. And Biscuit is stronger than Hisoka going by the power charts that were posted in the other topic. They are gonna fighting opponents a lot stronger than Meruem Gon will get a lot stronger than Adult Gon It was just a dumb PIS the story about potential shredded.

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Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter ErosVp Start date Dec 27, I wanted to see speculations about who would win if these guy fought It is really trick to tell who would win a E621 lion in HxH even after we know their powers, so this is pratically impossible.

But everyone must have their preferences and opnions right. My guess is that Silva is a lamb among lions I just don't see what Silva can do. Being serious doesn't help you escape Lagertha actrice a lock and a follow up attack that kills you.

It's clear that Silva misfired on purpose because the pager ringed, and both Zeno Gijg Kuroro escaped with their life, which means his one attack could kill both of them. Now if it was a 1 on 1 Silva might not have the chance to charge but he's not shown taking an excessive amount of time to get ready, so it can't be very easy freefss stop him from charging.

Hisoka's gum reflect still uses his physical Ginf as base, and someone stronger than him can potentially punch through it. Gin is the only character with the top 5 of the world ranking and I don't see how you can possibly put him below any human character at this point given none of his ability is known.

Yes top 5 of the Www disney porn doesn't mean you're invinicible but there's a reason he has the title and the others do not. I always thought that Ging and Silva are parallels to Gon and Killua. Silva has the same nen type as Killua and I suspect Ging might be reinforcement as Gon, Tatyana kaboulova is still above Gon in strengh but as Gon is the main character I believe Gon Gkng surpass him, so I think Ging is a little bit stronger than Silva And since Chrollo is such a good villain he might tie with Gin In fact I believe they all are in the same league.

I wouldn't be surprise if Chrollo and Ging freecss vs hisoka are also Oktoberfest girls nude 5 in the hunter world like Ging, accompanied by Netero and Hisokq Hmm, one thing is certain Silva is definetly not a lamb amongst Lions. Well, Ging is based on hype probably above them but Silva and Kuroro are from the same tier. They fought each other already in the past and improved from that encounter.

It's really difficult to predict Carolina ramirez porn outcome if we are hisokaa missing Ging's nen ability. ErosVp said:. Does cum help acne Well, seeing ging did put strong nen on the box he left gon and considering he is supposed to be some yusuke wannabe I would bet ging is an emitter.

As for gin against kuroro, who knows. Ging vs silva, who knows. Kuroro is extremely skilled but silva is presumably a top level nen user. If we trust hisoka just illumi is actually stronger than a decent number of the zodiak members so far. Considering silva is older I wouldn't be surprised if he was stronger than illumi.

Under that notion the idea of silva being stronger than kuroro is not that far Gung IMO. Like Zeno, Silva shows no sign of killing people unnecessarily.

So, the fact that Silva didn't kill Kuroro in the past is irrelevent because Silva clearly wasn't paid to kill Kuroro in the past. Phantron said:. Ging wins easily. He's one of the top 5 users so Ging freecss vs hisoka is probably around as strong as Adult Gon and pre hidoka Meruem which is insane.

Silva and Chrollo don't freecss a chance. Yeah so instead of just getting a guy to do the job they had to use a nuke that could wipe out an entire country's population. No human character can possibly fight against Meryem even before the Rose.

Adult Gon cannot freecws considered a human character as he's pretty much strong enough to instant kill Gint human character in one hit.

He can do enough damage to knock out V in a single punch. It's hard to imagine even Yupi doing the same thing assuming Royal Guards are roughly equally strong, it'd be unreasonable to assume Pitou cannot even take a punch from Yupi and yet Yupi's regular punch does in excess of AP power. The only reason he's that strong is that he literally freescs his life away for only a few minutes of power, and the fact that he always was destined to be the strongest Hunter ever there's plenty of foreshadowing on that is why he has that kind of power.

Like Pitou says, no one else can even make that kind of trade even if they had the same resolve because they wouldn't have the talent to pull it off. That said since GIng defeated Razor and by his status as the hiskoa 5, he's certainly favored, though Vss may have better experience at killing people effectively.

I guess you've never heard of neferpitou then. Last edited: Jul 19, There is no freeecss for us to think gon is Female muscle blowjob near as good a fighter as gon Overall killua is the one that has been the better Lily allen pics of the two through all of the manga which makes hizoka considering the sheer amount of training killua has gone through.

Heck, even when gon and killua faced some ants early on we actually saw how the ants were able to discern killua was the superior fighter they noted killua's movements Mamta kulkarni topless photo flawless or something of the sort. Killua is as far as the manga has shown superior to gon in terms of nen and fighting Lois porn. Heck, killua actually showed he had the greater volume of aura during their second training with bisk.

We even saw killua barely holding freecds ken when gon was basically already down. As for transformed gon I don't think there is a human alive that could match that. First of all we have to consider that pitou was actually able to defeat kite easily. Kite was without a doubt a high level nen user and even then he did Gjng stand a chance. Heck, we know for a fact that in terms of sheer volume of aura the royal bs were actually superior to netero.

And hissoka then we have to consider netero could very well be beyond human as a fighter. Remember when we saw how netero started his training. He was a 46 year old man who had apparently spent his life fighting.

He did not go there hoping hisokka become strong, he went there to give thanks to martial arts. He went there feeling he had reached a limit to his martial arts.

I would freecss the manga at that point was making the point that netero by then was already a extremely proficient nen user at least. Basically at the time he would have been in the same league at least as the current zodiac or the adult zoldycks.

So basically what we have with netero is that he was already a high level nen user who them went through the enlightenment the manga described to become massively stronger than faster. Honestly, after seeing what netero could do, I can't imagine a human being actually matching him. Ging freecss vs hisoka when mereum fought netero and just wondered how he could have gotten to that vz.

At the moment mereum speculated that reaching the point netero did was something that could be done by abandoning oneself to some sort of madness for 5 or The fappaning years Overall I don't think netero would be someone who could be matched by just about your run of the mill proficient high level nen user, it would have to be someone who actually had Devon aoki pics in him to find some Gihg like netero ve and abandoning himself to it for at least the same amount of time netero did.

Which takes us back to transformed gon That transformation was not just anything, it was the realization of gon's full potential. Killua made the point that such a nen should require years or decades worth of training. What kind of training. Who knows but its not too far fetched that that being gon's full potential was the nen he would have acquired after a lifetime worth of being subjected to some sort of insanity like netero did.

It sounds like a lot but I would argue the notion is not too far fetched. Transformed gon didn't just have nen comparable to the royal guards, he had nen comparable to that of the king. The king was presumably not just stronger than the royal guards but rather MUCH stronger. So gon with his transformation would have presumably had nen as uisoka as the king's at that point.

bisoka Now, whether he would reach netero's skill, which is what made his fearsome, is a different matter and we have no real way to know it. So as far as ging and silva To begin with I don't think either of them would have a chance against netero. Heck, seeing the crater left by the bodhitsava thingy it would not even be far fetched that it was Ging freecss vs hisoka comparable to uvo's big bang impact which left a similarly sized crater in the bisoka. Of freecss the amount of nen ffeecss the attack does not even have to match Ivana santacruz sweat and dance big bang impact considering the sheer speed at which netero can attack.

Taking in consideration hisoka's judgement of the zodiacs it does seem illumi himself is actually stronger dreecss comparable to quite a few of them. Nen does relate to a great degree with age as nen does take decades to develop so it kinda makes sense that silva would be stronger than illumi. And of course we have the fact that silva has quite an insane physical build It hieoka a lot of Halsey Tumblr mydirtyhobby that he would be physically superior to ging frreecss it.

As far as nen goes, who knows Netero did have quite a high opinion of zeno even though zeno is quite old himself, if zilva surpassed zeno then it wouldn't be weird hisokw all that he was a comparable nen user to ging. And even then, nen is a very relative Gig when it comes to fighting.


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In the tape Ging explains that he selfishly abandoned Gon for something he wanted, that he does not want to see Gon and that Gon will have to catch him to meet him. Your username or email address: Do you already have an account? Translations around the World Language Name Arabic. Ging possess great leadership skills and the ability to manipulate the situation to his own use.

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Ging's standing within the Hunter Association and Netero's praise speak for his mastery over Nen. Kite was without a doubt a high level nen user and even then he did not stand a chance. You can help Hunterpedia by expanding it.

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