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The hearts of the people who could not be saved were in need for a necessary evil a scapegoat to throw this unreasonableness at. The young man was treated as such a thing and, as a consequence, saved the villagers from evil. It was originally described as a unique class for the Heroic Spirit Angra Mainyu , brought forth by manipulating the system of the Fuyuki Greater Grail. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Master de la famille Tohsaka. Heaven's Feel Redux. This is best shown when he decides to kill innocent people in order to attract the attention of a Master and their Servant since he believed it was the easiest way.

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His forced sacrifice eased the confused minds of his people, which despite being unintentional, qualified him to become a Heroic Spirit. As both Lancer and Avenger try to convince their Masters not to trade, Avenger remarks that he expected the story to be a heartwarming story. Therefore, they made a contract: Avenger, to continue to exist and accomplish its new role of granting a wish, and Bazett, to stay alive even in a vegetative state.

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They would not allow him to die until he succumbed to old age. Avenger uses Irisviel to confront Kiritsugu in his mind and asks his wish, however it comes with a heavy price. One could say that they picked the safer option; perhaps their previous defeat had robbed them of their confidence in powers higher than they.

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Vindictive warriors that bears great hatred in the past, the embodiment of hatred itself. He seemed to have gained a flesh body from something that flowed to his body through the Master and Servant connection. Avenger replies that "It's been a while", although they haven't met in his current state. They were likely worshipped as real daemon's fangs and used in rituals during the era they were made.

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His complaints make Bazett appear to be a lonely woman whose only friend is a Servant. Wishes of the Holy Grail granted by "Angra Mainyu: All the World's Evil" Angra Mainyu was one young man who has forced to bear all the sins of the world to prove the goodness of the people of the world in the small but complete world of a village. He was quickly killed in four days and was trapped in the wish-granting spiritual Holy Grail. Gilgamesh was covered and absorbed into the black mud that poured out when Saber destroyed the Grail's vessel. Thus, the purpose of the 4th War was simply to gather vast amounts of mana to grant the wish. Avenger is encountered in Bazett's story in Rin's route. The problem, however, was that he never personally experienced the 5th war. Start a Wiki. Jane's Navy International. The last three MCM ships were purchased in , bringing the total to 14 fully deployable, oceangoing Avenger -class ships.

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Sign In Don't have an account. Start a Wiki. It was originally described as a unique Fate avenger class for avengwr Heroic Spirit Angra Mainyuaavenger forth by manipulating the system Fate avenger class Ranma nackt Fuyuki Greater Grail. Fate series characters. Fate avenger class by series.

Categories :. Cancel Save. Angra Mainyu. Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War. Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War. Heaven's Feel Sexkino emden. Joan avengre Arc Alter. Fate avenger class Medusa Gorgon. Amakusa Shirou Tokisada. Hessian Lobo. Antonio Salieri. Demon King Nobunaga. False Holy Grail War.


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Alter Ego. Alternate versions. The power of the Grail as a wish granter received the wishes that humanity had placed on Angra Mainyu and turned him into a real daemon who would be the source of All the World's Evil.

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Alter Ego. Rin decides to give Lancer to Bazett, and to her surprise, Lancer is a lucky talking Servant. As a result, Bazett's body went into a coma. Class Card sans noms.

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